The Outpost Country Goes Outdoors

Luke Bryan At Home In the Woods

Luke Bryan has become the poster boy for country music singers who love to hunt. Anyone who knows this country superstar also knows about his passion for outdoors sports. Get the whole story in The Outpost Magazine.


Cookin' It With Kix

After 20 years of being one-half of the country music duo Brooks & Dunn Kix Brooks decided that being a successful song-writer, performer and actor was not enough. Through it all, Kix Brooks continues to be an enthusiastic hunter, angler, and steward of the Great Outdoors. Catch his interview and podcast in The Outpost Magazine and The Outpost Radio OnDemand.

Double Barrel Daryle Singletary

Where did this Classic Country singer get his nickname? Daryle says, "...We got to talking about my missing both shots the day before and then missing with both barrels the next day. Out of the blue Rhett (Akins) starts laughing and says 'Old double barrel Daryle." Read about the whole experience in The Outpost Magazine.

Hayseed Dixie Kicks Some Grass

One of the many things to love about Hayseed Dixie is its brutally honesty about the business where they make a living. Take the Hayseed Dixie website. Every band in the world has some kind of "backgrounder" on its website usually blowing smoke up fans and their own back sides. Not so with Hayseed Dixie.

Charlie Daniels Is Off The Grid: Doin' It With Dylan

Why is this 77 year old musical legend not taking it easy on some golf course or fishing pond instead of playing a road schedule that would tire-out a teenager? The answer is complicated. Charlie Daniels is a very funny guy. He oftens uses this humor to make some serious points.

Alan Jackson's Bluegrass Album Is Stunning

Alan Jackson's Bluegrass albumNobody ever accused Alan Jackson of doing something because everyone else was doing it. Surrounded by the pop music that has become the Nashville sound, Jackson still sounds like the traditional country singer that he's always been. When he decided to do a bluegrass album but didn't tell anyone about the project, not even his record label, until it was completed.

Country Goes Huntin' with Rhett Akins

You know him as a singer, songwriter, and superstar but he would rather be turkey hunting. Rhet Akins is a passionate hunter. "I didn't really have a choice," he laughed. "I was born in south Georgia on a farm with my parents, grandparents, cousins - we lived like the Waltons! I grew up riding four-wheelers, and shooting guns and it was just a part of my DNA I Guess."

Blackberry Smoke: An Overnight Sensation That Took 13 Years

Blackberry SmokeAtlanta's Blackberry Smoke has worked its butt off on the road and living out og a bus - and everything that goes along with it until they finally become a household name among progressive country rock fans. If you're not familiar with their country-fied Southern Rock sound here's a review of their album "The Whippoorwill." The guys rock the country in the Great Outdoors.