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Shotgun Fundamentals For Wing Shooting Success

Sharpen your skills and get ready for the hunt. This refresher will relieve frustration and help your hunt in the latest issue of The New Outpost Magazine.

Getting Your Shotgun & Yourself Ready To Rock

If you're a lazy slug and didn't clean your gun after your last hunt, you definitely need to get some cleaning and lubricating done before hitting the field or in the duck blind. After this chore is completed, you might also consider getting those eyes and hands back into hunting shape too.

What's That Smell?

Have you ever been around a dog or cat that's been recently sprayed by a skunk? The smell is so bad, your eyes water. That's the way you and your freshly washed hunting clothes smell to your typical whitetail deer. They can smell you from a hundred yards away.

Watch Your Step Up There

Experts say the number one reason for hunting fatalities is not the accidental discharge of a rifle. It's the result of a fall from a tree-stand. An average of 25 hunters every year die from a fall from one of these tree-stands, and these falls happen during and, in many cases BEFORE the season starts when preparations are taking place.

Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting on Safari

The best time to hunt South Africa is March through October. Likhulu Safaris owner Matt Van Buren has a down on to earth discussion about big game hunting on a South African safari.

Expert Outdoorsman O'Neill Williams

Women in the Woods & Water: Eva Shockey

The daughter of legendary outdoor sportsman Jim Shockey, pretty much became a legend herself when she was the first woman to appear on the cover of Field & Stream. Eva Shockey is smart, pretty and a great shot.

Homemade Duck Calls

The Art of the Homemade Duck Call

As a toddler, Nick Deshotel's grandfather took him duck hunting in South Louisiana. As he got older, this same grandfather taught him how to use wood carving tools and together they started making wooden duck calls. Now, Nick is making these calls for his livelihood. He shared some duck calling tips for listeners of The Outpost

The Outpost Hunting Gear

The Outpost Tools & Gear

Take a look at the latest hunting gear for the Great Outdoors!