Picking the Right Hunting Guide

NRA Blog: Selecting a Hunting GuideThere are a lot of things to consider when planning a hunt. What, when, and where you’ll hunt and which equipment you should use are obviously very important. But if you’re not going into the backcountry on your own, there’s one decision that is so important it is the difference between success and disappointment: your guide.  Good guides are intimately familiar with the land you'll be using and the animals on it. They'll be able to take you to the right spots at the right times and give you the best opportunities to head home with a smile on your face. On top of that, they're also great company. A hunting trip is an experience and if you're paying to spend several days with someone you want to make sure you get along. The NRA Blog has a great article to help you get the person who knows the woods, regulations, and is perfect for you.

Horsehill Outfitters

Horse Hill Outfitters

Horseshoe Hill Outfitters offers world class hunts in locations across the United States and in Canada. We take pride in our ability to put hunters on trophy class animals in all of our locations. We hunt in the Northwest Forest Region where Trophy Whitetail hunters have been traveling to for decades to harvest B.C. bucks that score 160"-200" and weigh 300lbs and Black Bears that stand 7' and average 400 pounds in the Fall! All of our hunts are 5 full days with guide, meals and lodging included. Hunters can expect to see lots of deer and several mature bucks per day hunting over baited areas. The license is over the counter and will be bought when you arrive ($375). Trophy prep and taxidermy available on site. If your ready to put that monster on the wall and experience a hunt of a lifetime please call asap for availability. Groups of up to 8 welcome. Our Fall Black Bear season is from August 25 -Sept. 15th. The hunts are over established baits and hunters can expect to see multiple bears per day. Color phase bears are abundant in our area as well. You will have a 90% opportunity at harvesting a mature bear and a distinct possibility at a book bear! SASKATCHEWAN HUNT SPECIALS: Trophy Whitetail (Rifle/Muzzle-loader/Bow) Only $4000 - Save $1000 off regular price. Black Bear (Rifle/Muzzle-loader/Bow) Only $3000 - Save $500 off regular price. Please call Bob with any questions @ 724-290-9338.

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Horse Hill Outfitters: Kansas Hunts

We hunt in Southeast Kansas arguably one of the best areas in the world to hunt Trophy Whitetails! Year after year we continue to put bucks in the record books. In 2010 a 216" monster, 2011 a typical 190", 2012 a 214", 192" and a 185" and in 2013 a Top #20 buck ever in Kansas that scored 241",and also a 188", 182, 179" and 165"! That is putting serious bone in the dirt! Our hunters have averaged in the high 150's on bucks taken over the last 5 years with 60-70% on shot opportunity. We had 3 TV Shows in camp this year with 4 different hunters and they all killed 150" + bucks.

New Mexico Hunts

Horse Hill Outfitters: New Mexico Hunts

Our hunts take place in unit #12. We have over 10 Ranches centered around the town of Fence Lake, NM. With the "Private Ranch Landowner Tag" you will be able to hunt all of our ranches just not one. You also will not need to apply for a tag with the state which is only a 10% draw opportunity anyways. This is a guaranteed tag so you can plan your hunt now and not wonder whether your going to hit the lottery. Our 6 day Archery Hunts take place in September. During the pre-rut you will hunt watering holes and wallows. When the rut heats up you will spot and stalk and call bulls in. All our rifle hunts are 5 day hunts and start October 1st and the season ends December 31st. Our early season hunts the bulls will be bugling but our late season hunts in November and December are just as productive with bulls migrating into our rye fields. Please call Bob McConnell with any questions on these hunts @ 724-290-9338. Visit our website for more information and pictures.

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The Outpost Gear

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