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Take These Fishing Tips To The Bank

Summer FishingAs the old saying goes, the two best days of having a boat is the day you bought it and the day you sell it. The Fact is, most anglers don't own a boat but still want to catch fish. This means most fishing is done from the bank.


Fly Fishing in Best Tailwaters Around

After reading the 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish by Terry and Wendy Gunn, it's obvious that those who love to fly fish have a new road map for their angling. If you love Fly Fishing you won't be able to but down the article or not sharing the podcast.


Grill Your Catch: Tasty Fish

Shrimp boilFrom a low country boil to grilled king fish, broiled rainbow trout, or easy blackened walleye, no matter how you cook it, there's little more tasty that well prepared fish. We'll show you how to do it in this edition of Grill Your Kill. Here's three great recipes to help you get that taste in your mouth.

Bowfishing In The Summertime

Bowfishing in The Outpost MagazineBowfishing is fun! It's also a great way to keep your archer's eye sharp and shooting muscles toned by big game hunts to come later in the year. Bowfishing can also be a community service, thinning trash fish that can hinder valuable reproduction of more valuable game fish.


The Outpost Magazine: Catching Your Own Bait

Click to read the article in The Outpost MagazineSave some money and have some fun! Catch this article and video from the Fishing section of The Outpost Magazine.


The Outpost Magazine: For The Love Of Flounder

For The Love Of FlounderWhile it's possible to get an argument on this, many feel the best tasting fish is flounder. If you love catching and eating fresh flounder, you might want to weigh in on the management profile of this fish.

The Outpost Magazine: Kayak Fishing

Click to read the article in The Outpost MagazineHave you got a warrior spirit? Kayak fishing might be your next battlefront. Paddling a 10-foot long kayak over class 2 whitewater rapids in search of that perfect spot on the river for largemouth bass is anything but leisurely. Words like: intense, extreme or challenging are more accurate in explain the experience.

The Outpost Magazine: Ice Fishing

Click to read the articleAny hard core angler lives near a lake in Canada or the northern states such as Minnesota or Wisconsin and the Dakotas knows that the winter months are the perfect time to get out the auger, drill through the ice, set up the tent or shack and drop a line.