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The Outpost MagazineWe're back with a brand new and improved issue of The Outpost Magazine. We're better than ever! We've teamed up with O'Neill Williams and O'Neill Outside to bring you even more insight into hunting, fishing, and grilling your kill. We've got a new website that makes it easy to read on your phone or mobile device and easy to listen to the Outpost Radio and The Outpost Radio OnDemand. In this issue we spotlight our annual Women In The Woods and Water issue. Read about some of the sports best at hunting and fishing and how they are advancing the sport.

Thoughts and musings from The Outpost Magazine Editor in Chief Art Young

The Jacklight

Most men want to watch a contest and it doesn’t really matter what kind of contest. We need good guys (our team) fighting the bad guys. This partially explains the popularity of fishing shows.

Expert Outdoorsman O'Neill Williams

O'Neill Outside The Box

From late December through February, an angler can catch buckets of Crappie from underneath major marina docks on the reservoirs across the South, East Coast, and Midwest. In most states, the limit is liberal up to 35 to 50 per day.

Hunting In The Great OutdoorsLet The Young Bucks Grow

One of the great places to hunt whitetail deer is Oklahoma. The Sooner state's Department of Wildlife Conservation is working to convince hunters to pass on the young bucks.

Fishing in the Great OutdoorsThe Sisterhood of The Outdoors

Babes, Bullets, & Broadheads is a women owned company promoting guided hunting and fishing trips for women. Read about how they are serving the fastest growing segment in the Great Outdoors - women!

The Outpost Bar & GrillGrill Your Kill: Rustic Quail Pizza

Don't miss giving this great outdoor pizza a try. It's featured in the new and improved issue of The Outpost Magazine. We've got some great recipes!

Music for the Great OutdoorsNot Dark Yet: Shelby Lynn & Allison Moorer

Some people call it blood kin harmony. With 24 albums between them, sisters Shelby Lynn and Allison Moorer are finally together in a new album, Not Dark Yet. It's featured in the new and improved issue of The Outpost Magazine.

Randy Hall, The Outdoor Lawyer keeps you legal in the woods and on the water

The Outdoor Lawyer

Much has and will be written about safety in the outdoors. No one ever thinks it will happen to them. And then, it does. I am perplexed by the number of hunting related accidents and deaths that occur each year. A Google search for "hunting accidents" turned up some unwanted CASH. And it was not the green kind. CASH is an acronym for a group that stands for everything I don't: Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting.

The Outpost Gear

The Outpost Gear

Take a look at the latest gear for the Great Outdoors!